About us

BDR is a technology company founded in 1998 with the aim of offering innovative and quality solutions in the field of information technology.

Over the years, we have experienced constant growth, expanding our services to serve various sectors, from small businesses to large corporations. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to innovation have made us a benchmark in the regional technological field and beyond.

Our history


We started as a start-up in Barcelona, focused on the world of skiing, gaining recognition for our customer-focused approach and market adaptation.

Delegation in Andorra

We created the Andorra delegation to bring solutions to customers in the Pyrenees.

Strategic Alliances

We established strategic agreements with manufacturers specialized in access control in ski resorts, positioning ourselves as national leaders in the sector.

We tripled our technical team, forming a multidisciplinary group that made us specialists in integrations.
We develop our own interfaces and APIs, covering 100% the needs of ski resorts, consolidating ourselves as leaders in the sector.

We started the migration to new technological platforms and databases, giving way to our new application for ski resorts, SKI SOLUTION 360.

25th anniversary

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary, with a presence in 70% of the ski resorts in the Iberian Peninsula and being Odoo agents.


At BDR, our mission is to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge technology solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. We focus on being a reliable partner that empowers organizations and people by optimizing processes and technological efficiency. We boost the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of our clients, staying at the forefront of innovation and adapting to the challenges of the digital world.


Our success is based on strong core values:


We constantly seek excellence in our products, services and operations, exceeding customer expectations and maintaining high quality standards.


We embrace innovation as a fundamental pillar, continually seeking new solutions and technologies to provide competitive advantages to our clients.


We value honesty, transparency and ethics in all our interactions and decisions, acting responsibly and respectfully towards our customers, employees and business partners.


Customer satisfaction is a priority for us. We actively listen to your needs and offer customized solutions that add value to your business.


We foster an environment of collaboration and mutual respect among our employees, recognizing that teamwork is essential to achieve exceptional results and successfully face challenges.