POS Ticketing

Our ticketing system is approved by the world's leading track access control manufacturers, the POS system makes work easier for companies through RFID technology. With complete integration into your entire access control, administrative and reporting environment.​

The Ski Solution Pos, allows to sell, in a modular way, all the necessary products in a ski school; individuals, workshops, groups and “flexible” groups, hourly vouchers, rent, activities, kindergarten, nursery, etc.

All the different products can be issued by means of tickets with a QR code or there is the possibility of recording them on wristbands or other electronic devices.

It is integrated with the best Booking systems. Similarly, it can be integrated with your own online sales system, through our "Open Bdr Connectivity". What will allow its operators to be able to deliver the reservations of the agencies, or the purchases of individuals sold on the internet, through their QR code. No fraud and no photocopies!

The POS is integrated with different payment methods and bank gateways. The forms of payment of our POS are multiple and simultaneous, being able to pay at the same time with several modalities. From Ski Solution Pos, you have access to monitor schedules. Being able to perform sales tasks, reservations, etc. in a very intuitive way and you will be able to send e-mails of the reservations to your clients.

BDR POS also includes some of the most relevant deposit systems worldwide. What will allow you to simultaneously sell the ski pass + the locker.