Do not leave your reservations in the air. The Ski Solution Booking system handles payment and confirmation automatically.

The ski solution booking system will allow you to manage your reservations. And you can send a cyber payment to your customer.

The system will not definitively confirm the reservation until your client pays through the bank gateway, using the cyber payment sent by e-mail.

Once the reservation is entered by one of your sales advisors, the system automatically controls the planning of the monitor or the quotas for the courses. Subsequently, you will send an email with a hyperlink or cyber payment to your client.

And it will keep the reservation of the planning during the days that you consider appropriate. If after these days your client does not execute the payment through the hyperlink, the reservation will be automatically canceled, releasing the monitoring schedule.

On the contrary, once the payment has been made, the system confirms it and will leave the schedule marked with the class assigned and sold.